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About Us

We've experienced many, many changes in our cherished 117 year existence. This experience has brought us to where we are today. We want to remember and celebrate this past yet continue to build on this experience for our future generations and our valued customers.

Today as we enter this 117th year the leadership has been passed to the 5th generation of the VanSolkema family. While many changes have occurred our unwavering commitment to excellence has not. This same commitment to excellence and ethics still stands today.

This commitment can be found in all of our locations. Today the Van Solkema family grows and or ships from Byron Center, MI, Glennville, GA, and Moultrie, GA. Our family as expanded as well as our growing regions, length of availability and commodities offered. A member of our trained and experienced sales staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your needs.


Gerrit Van Solkema arrives from the Netherlands


Gerrit Van Solkema purchases the first 300 acres


Gerald Van Solkema returns from WWII and begins farming


Gerald purchased a packing plant to package radishes, turnips, parsnips and carrots


Gerald Van Solkema retires and Jerry Van Solkema purchases the company and is the President today.

Our History

It has been stated many times that "our forefathers were light years ahead of our time." This statement holds true when speaking of Gerrit Van Solkema. A Dutch Immigrant who longed for the rich, fertile soil located in Western Michigan. A place where you could grow the freshest, best quality vegetables all while living in the new world. This dream became reality when Gerrit arrived and began farming on rented West Michigan land in 1896. His dream to provide his community with the finest quality produce had finally happened. Did he have foresight to envision what Van Solkema would be today? One must wonder.

Today after 117 years of growing, shipping, distributing the freshest, best quality produce from around the world these same values hold true today; all from the Van Solkema Family. To our community, our customers, our consumers, our growers and as stewards of our land Gerrit longed for before 1896. Our commitments have stood to these beloved priorities.

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